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How To Buy Jewellery As A Gift

Jewellery is the perfect gift when you get it right. It's personal, timeless and an ideal way to mark a special occasion. That's not to say it isn't tricky! Whether you're buying for a friend, a sibling, or a parent, you want to follow these guidelines to make sure you get it right.

Buy for their taste, not yours

It's far too easy to get carried away indulging your own tastes and buying a piece that you love. Try to keep in mind that the piece you're investing in needs to be an expression of the receivers personality. Take a good look at the style of their favourite pieces of jewellery, the ones they wear all they time. Are they delicate and dainty or are they bold and statement making?

Are they always adorned in rings? Or perhaps they're stacking earrings all the time? Getting to know these details will make sure you pick a winner every time.

Consider the metals

Do they predominantly wear silver or gold? Once again, it's easy to default to your favourite, but you want to go with the metal that the lucky person receiving the jewellery wears all the time naturally.

Choose something with meaning

You want to choose a piece that will be special, something that might remind them of of a special moment and something that will always make them think of you. Our Birth Flower necklaces are the perfect example as they're a deeply personal piece reminding the wearer of their greatest qualities. Our Alpha pendants are also a great choice as you can choose their initial, the initial of someone they love, or combine the two!

Keep it classic

You want to choose something that's going to last. A timeless piece they won't stop wearing when the new season looks roll in. Classics such as our Lucent pieces never go out of style and will probably fit in with what they already wear. Pearls are always a safe bet too, they are loved and passed on for generations and lucky for you we have lots of options to choose from. 

Finally, if you are tempted to go a bit off piste, and get something that hopefully they love but there’s a small chance they might not adore, just make sure you get it from somewhere with a great returns policy like us!



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