While creating lasting, beautiful pieces for women is at the core of what we do, we now do it while making a difference by operating an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical business.


  • All BIANKO packaging boxes are made from eco-friendly materials

  • Our post bags are 100% compostable

  • The tissue paper and stickers used in packaging are created with soy ink (made from soybeans as opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink) and acid-free paper

  • By partnering with the NOISSUE packaging company, we have joined an eco-packaging alliance where every order contributes to global reforestation. Our recent order just planted trees in Guatemala!

  • Every order we ship using Australia Post is recognised as carbon neutral. To enable this, Australia Post purchases carbon offset credits to match the environmental impact of their service. 

  • The factory in which our pieces are manufactured has received their SEDEX certification, meaning they adhere to the global standards of ethical, sustainable and responsible business practices. This is quite a significant achievement as it enforces things like equal pay for male and female employees and equal representation of male/female in management positions, pay for overtime worked, maternity leave, etc.

In addition, each piece of BIANKO jewellery is created using sustainably sourced sterling silver, gold, natural pearls, and ethically-sourced gemstones, ensuring the highest quality and beautiful craftsmanship. We are proud of our efforts and we want you to feel that with every piece of BIANKO treasure you own, you are helping us make a difference.


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