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At BIANKO, we take a slower approach to fashion by using high-quality, sustainably sourced materials and producing no more than we need. We aim to provide jewellery to the conscious customer and understand that creating our designs requires the Earth’s resources and energy. Our intention is to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible, without compromising on the quality and beauty of our jewels. 

BIANKO / Sustainability

Responsible Jewellery Council:

We are proud to announce that in early 2022, our workshop was officially certified as a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international not-for-profit association with more than 1,200 members from mining to retail. By following good social and environmental practices in complete transparency along the entire production chain, members of the RJC uphold ethics, human rights and the environment. The purpose of this commitment is to provide consumers with credible guarantees of product quality and ethical behaviour.

For us at BIANKO Jewellery, it is more important than ever to embrace sustainability, both to set an example for others, but also to create a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of those affected as well as the greater community where we operate. Using the RJC Code of Practices is a continuous improvement process that also allows us to educate our stakeholders and promote responsible practices in all areas.


SEDEX Certified: 

Furthermore, the factory in which our pieces are manufactured has received their SEDEX certification, meaning they adhere to the global standards of ethical, sustainable and responsible business practices. This is quite a significant achievement as it enforces our values, including equal pay and representation of genders in management positions, pay for overtime worked and recognised parental leave.


100% Recycled Silver: 

Not a single piece of metal scrap is wasted or discarded within our production facility. By utilising our manufacturing knowledge and experience, all metal waste is recycled and used in the creation of new jewellery pieces. 


Made to Order:

In 2022, we have made the transition to a made-to-order business model. By doing so, we aim to minimise waste and leftover stock, by only producing what is required to meet the demands of our customers and clients. 


Giving Back: 

In 2021 we launched BIANKO For Change, an endeavour aimed at raising awareness of the struggles faced by individuals and the environment globally and locally. 

We founded the BIANKO For Change program to further empower our wonderful community to make a difference by offering them a way to give back. We have partnered with the social enterprise, i=Change, to contribute to the purchase with purpose movement. Every time you purchase a BIANKO treasure, we will donate $1 to a charity of choice. 



  • All BIANKO packaging boxes are made from eco-friendly materials
  • Our post bags are 100% compostable
  • The tissue paper and stickers used in packaging are created with soy ink (made from soybeans as opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink) and acid-free paper
  • By partnering with the NOISSUE packaging company, we have joined an eco-packaging alliance where every order contributes to global reforestation. Our recent order just planted trees in Guatemala!
  • Every order we ship using Australia Post is recognised as carbon neutral. To enable this, Australia Post purchases carbon offset credits to match the environmental impact of their service. 
  • All packing labels are printed using a thermal printer and on ecolabels 


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