Materials and Craftsmanship

We are passionate about creating high quality products that are not only fun and affordable, but also sustainable and eco-friendly.

All materials used in the creation of BIANKO jewellery have been ethically and sustainably sourced. Furthermore, our workshop is SEDEX certified meaning it adheres to global standards of ethical and social practices.




Silver in its pure form is very soft so it is mixed with other metals to make it stronger and more durable.

The silver used in BIANKO jewellery is made up of 92.5% pure silver and a 7.5% mix of other alloys. You'll notice our Sterling silver items are stamped '925' to identify its quality. 

We also plate our Silver in Rhodium, which gives the pieces extra shine and added durability.



Many styles in the BIANKO collection are offered in yellow gold and rose gold plating.

These items are made from a solid Sterling silver base and plated in a layer of 18K gold. This process is also referred to as vermeil (pronounced ver-may).

It's different to regular gold plating which can be applied to lesser-quality base metals, such as brass.



We pride ourselves on only working with natural, fresh water pearls.

These pearls are hand-picked and sourced directly from pearl farms in Europe, North America, Thailand and China (where the majority of the world's fresh water pearls grow).

No two pearl is alike!

Some of the organic, baroque-shaped pearls may host minor marks and small blemishes. These are their natural characteristics and what makes each pearl so unique and special!



We work with a number of different kinds of gemstones. Where possible, we use natural (and ethically sourced) stones - for example, our white sapphires.

Some natural gemstones are far too precious to use in everyday jewellery and others are rare and expensive. In these cases, we use synthetic stones which have been ethically created and sustainably sourced.

*Please note that all of our jewellery is crafted using quality metals and natural pearls and gemstones, this means that your jewellery could host minor marks and inclusions. Because all of our pearls and gemstones are natural products they are unique and may differ slightly from item to item. This could result in the jewellery that you receive differing slightly in colour to the jewellery is featured on our website. We will not accept returns or exchanges due to the natural marks and inclusions within our jewellery. 


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