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Gift Guides For Those Near or Far

Whether they’re overseas, interstate, or simply outside of your 10km radius, we all have a friend, sister or mother that we would love to see and hug tight. Unfortunately, it still might be some time before we can do that in person, but there are a number of ways to send our love and affection in the form of a forever gift, so we put together a thoughtful gift-guide for you, so that you can make sure your gift is exactly what they need.

The Spiritual Connection

For those that can appreciate their connection to you, regardless of where you are, to themselves and the universe. Our Lucent collection is all about tapping into our internal energies. Carefully curated gemstones that speak to your circumstances. Whether you want to set their mind at ease, let them know they have your support from afar or simply add a little love to their day, A Lucent pendant and ring combo or a Lucent pendant stack is a lovely and personal way to make them feel special.

The Personalised Lover

Seeing our initials is a trend that hasn’t faded and we absolutely get why it’s a timeless trend that’s here to stay. There’s something chic and mysterious about an initial dangling so close to your heart. Most people will wear the first letter of their first or last name or name of their beloved. Our Alpha collection is the perfect trendy and personal gift for a loved one and we absolutely love the mixing the metals of the chain and pendant for a 90’s look.

Image: @bykirsyirwin

The Immortalised Flowers

Flowers have always been a welcome substitute for words, conveying emotions, thoughts, and moods with floral beauty. Just like birthstones, every month has a unique flower that symbolises the month of birth. Legend has it that characteristics held by the flower are inherited by those born in its month. Our Birth Flower collection eternalises these characteristics, serving as a daily reminder of the unique qualities and virtues of the wearer, making for a deeply personal and empowering possession. 


Image: @ashworethat


The best part is that each of the collections above have been designed to be worn alone or together, so if you feel like combining all pendants on 1 chain, you absolutely can. We love hearing from you and always take into consideration your feedback for our new collections, so if there is something you would like to see in the future, please let us know!



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