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Escapism Through Style

Welcome to BIANKO airlines, our Tulum collection is here to transport you to the turquoise blue waters, white-sand beaches, and colourful street markets of the coastal town in Mexico.

The last few years of lockdowns have left us with a heightened sense of adventure and wanderlust. The reopening of the world again has meant so many of us have already started to fulfil our travel dreams again however for so many, they still seem so far away in the fast-paced hustle culture we are surrounded by.

Enter the Tulum collection. Born from a longing to travel and see the sights of the world, our pieces can fulfil these feelings of wanderlust through your everyday style.

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You are on your way to Tulum…

Why wait for your flight to your next destination when you can escape through style?

Getting lost in your style and the beauty of escapism is a beautiful way to explore the world from the comfort of your home. Wear our Utopia Bracelet and Nomade Cuff on a sunny, autumn day and you are bound to be transported.

Runway cleared, ready for take-off

Who would have thought anyone would be able to get on a plane this year…the feeling felt so foreign a few months ago!

However maybe, despite what TikTok “Day in the Life's” lead you to believe, being on a plane just isn’t in your peripheral and won’t be for a while…make the Cabana Bracelet and Hacienda Ring your go-to jewellery staples and you’re sure to feel the warm Mexican sun even on the gloomiest, rainy days.

Welcome to Tulum

“Passengers and crew this is your Captain, look out your window, we are now arriving at your dream destination so pop on your favourite BIANKO pieces”.

Like the travel coffee table books, we all fell in love with during lockdown, how you style your pieces from the Tulum collection will transport you across the world. Wear our Encanto Necklace on your next night out, paired with a colourful dress and wavy hair, and you’ll escape in the wanderlust of the Tulum collection.

The Playa Necklace pared with your staple jeans and a white button-up will transport you to the white-sand beaches and turquoise water of Tulum wherever in the world you are and whatever you are doing!

Thank you for travelling with BIANKO on flight Tulum, we would love to see how you wear your Tulum collection pieces so don’t forget to tag us @_bianko #biankojewellery #BIANKObeauties


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