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December's Birth Flower - The Poinsettia

December, a month favoured by so many. A month full of celebrations, the official beginning of Summer and festive cheer, what's not to love! 

December's Birth Flower is the Poinsettia, named after American diplomat and physician Joel Roberts Poinsett, who took a vital role in bringing the plants from Mexico to North America. The Poinsettia is a multi-tasker (like you December babies) as it's commonly associated with Christmas due to its use in Christmas decorations. The bright and cheerful blooms are perfect for those born in December as they are generally known for their flirtation with life and love for celebration. The poinsettia symbolises these qualities, bringing with it success, happiness and endless celebrations.

The Mexican legend that goes with the plant tells the story of Pablo and Maria, two small children who loved the Christmas celebrations at the village church and were visited by an angel who brought their attention to weeds by the road which would eventually turn into the bright blooms we know and love today.

Immortalised by Paige Tuzee in our Birth Flower Pendants and Prints, they are the perfect reminder to yourself of brilliant, bright and warm individual that you are.

When gifted they symbolise happiness and cheer, making a wonderful gift for birthdays and the celebration of the festive season. 

Flowers have always been a gentle substitute for words, conveying emotions, thoughts, and moods with floral beauty, so maybe it’s time to spoil yourself or someone you love with a special flower that lasts a lifetime.


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