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The Podcasts We're Listening To!

BIANKO is a brand founded by women, for women. This is why we take particular joy in discovering all-female podcasts that inspire us, make us think and make us laugh. Below is a list of our favourites that we have on a weekly rotation - we'd love to hear about your favourite in the comments!

1. Shameless Podcast 

Melbourne journalists Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews call Shameless the podcast for ‘smart women who love dumb stuff.’ Every Monday morning, they proceed to cover everything Aussie women are (sometimes secretly) obsessed with, such as the Kardashians, The Bachelor and Taylor Swift. It’s no surprise Shameless has swiftly (no pun intended) become one of our favourite podcasts -  it feels like listening in on a chat to your girlfriends! 

2. Seize The Yay

Sarah Holloway  - a lawyer turned funtrepreneur, uses her platform to speak to some of the world's most inspiring people about finding their 'yay', whether it's through work, rest or play and any other pearls of wisdom they have along the way.

3. Fierce Girls

In a world where women are fed a diet of princesses, skinny-teas, and Influencers, Fierce Girls tells the real-life and inspirational stories of brave, adventurous, and mighty girls and women. Like Nancy Wake the spy and Louise Sauvage, the champion wheelchair athlete. Cathy Freeman who ran like the wind and Nancy Bird-Walton who flew the skies. 

4. She Did It Her Way

It was named as one of “The 12 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs” by Forbes magazine and is all about a woman’s perspective on business and entrepreneurship. Each week host Amanda Boleyn talks to a female business owner about the ups and downs of starting and growing a business. Amanda gives you tools to change your business mindset, such as developing a strategy that profits and how to write copy that converts!

5. The Guilty Feminist

Australian born Deborah Frances-White writes on her website, “I’m a feminist, but I detagged myself from a picture at a women’s conference … because my ankles looked fat”. Deborah is a comedian, speaker, screenwriter and coach who explores massive feminist topics with her guests while acknowledging and discussing her personal hypocrisies. The Guilty Feminist is super relatable and a must-listen for any woman.

6. Ladies, We Need To Talk

Yumi Stynes has 20 years of experience in the Australian media as a writer, television and radio presenter. Her podcast is all about diving deep into uncomfortable life topics we mostly try to avoid. Ladies, We Need to Talk is both educational and hilarious, episodes include, “Has anyone seen my libido” and “Breaking the motherhood contract”.

7. How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Prominent and successful figures analyse the failures in their professional and personal lives and reflect on how their broken hearts and career setbacks were just lessons in the making.


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