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The Netflix Series We're Binge-Watching

Despite the Netflix catalogue boasting hundreds of shows, the decision of what to watch next can sometimes be overwhelming, and we all know there's no time to waste on shows which just don't consume you entirely. This is precisely why we've collated a list of our favourites, from multi-season series, to single sit down shows.

The Crown

We all love a bit of royal buzz, and The Crown has us wanting more. A historical drama, covering the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. With a tagline like 'An empire in ruins. A marriage in tatters. A queen fighting for survival.' It is a show you will gladly sacrifice sleep for. With Season 3 airing on Nov 17 - you've got just the right amount of time to catch up in our books!


“How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks?” This is the central question behind Netflix’s original drama Mindhunter, a series based on real-life events and characters, a series that delves into the formation of the FBI’s behavioural sciences unit and a series we finished in under a week! Whoops!

Workin' Moms

Workin' Moms follows the lives of four women as they juggle love, careers, and parenthood - it is one of those shows you put on when you just want to have a giggle and want your brain to mellow out. It is funny, extremely relatable and endearingly honest!


Hard to watch, yet so addictive. A devastating story, based on true events of sexual assault and miscarriage of justice unfurls over eight episodes. A real-life tale so unique, so captivating, and so shocking it's almost, well, unbelievable. 

Hannah Gadsby: Nannette

A powerful must-watch special, unlike any stand-up comedy you've ever seen before. You'll laugh, but you'll also cry, and you'll more than likely walk away with a more open mind about so many issues that encapsulate our society.

The Assassination Of Gianni Versace

Where true crime meets fashion - there isn't much more to say. Just watch it!

Arrested Development 

Self-referential humour, inside jokes that you feel like you're a part of. Arrested development is feel-good, funny and relatable without trying too hard. After all those crime centred dramas, we just need to laugh a little!
We'd love to hear what you're watching at the moment - let us know in the comments below!



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