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The Ear Cuff Moment

Finally, a trend we can all get behind. Ear cuffs, the ultimate low commitment earring choice for those who aren't quite ready to go the piercing route, but want to all a little more bling to their ear stack. The beauty of ear cuffs is their versatility, they are the definition of ear candy and are a perfect way to add some understated glamour to your look.

Worn around the outer edge of your ear, the ear cuff simply slips over the cartilage and generally gives off a similar look to that of a helix or snug piercing.

How to wear an ear cuff

The key to nailing the ear cuff is to start simple. Get scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, whatever your poison of choice happens to be, and seek out some ear cuff inspiration. If you're looking for something simple and sleek, our Gypset Pearl Ear Cuff is the perfect piece to elevate your look without dominating it. If you're looking to make a little more of a statement, the pearl adorned Nomade and Steph Pearl Ear Cuff are absolute must haves and essential in dressing up just about any look. 

Styling your ear cuff

When you decide upon a style that you're happy with, thread the ear cuff over the thinnest part of your upper ear and slide it over your cartilage into place. If it feels a little loose, give it a gentle squeeze to reduce the size of the gap and make sure your ear cuff stays put.

When it comes to style, this is where your personality can come out to play. You can opt for the asymmetrical look with a heavy layered stack on one ear and a very minimal combination on the other. Alternatively you can balance a different style cuff on each ear along side some studs. 

Brunette woman poses against an orange brick wall, wearing pearl earrings, a pearl ring, pearl ear cuff and a colourful dress

It's our recommendation that you avoid too much balance. Why no play around with stacking ear cuffs on top of one another for a super stylish approach. Mixing different textures can also be really effective when it comes to curating a chic earscape.

Whatever your ultimate choice, we can assure you that you won't go wrong with adding an ear cuff to your look. We love seeing how you style your BIANKO pieces, so don't forget to tag us @_bianko #BIANKObeauties #inmyBIANKO


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