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The 2022 Neckline Style

By now, it's glaringly obvious that we live for a trend recap, and today, we're digging into the necklaces gaining momentum in 2022. We are more than halfway through the year (we know, how?!) and  a whirlwind of styles has already graced the necks (and feeds) of It girls across the globe. And while jewellery trends don't cycle as rapidly as their clothing counterparts, we've still noticed a few, in particular, falling into favour.  

Inspired by the European Summer lookss, we’re expecting big and bold jewellery trends to dominate the remainder of 2022 as we make our move into warmer months. As one of the most popular pieces of jewellery ever, necklaces are expected to be the centre of attention in many designer collections and our own jewellery boxes. From decadent layers to pops of colour, here are the current necklace trends for women that we’re loving right now and we’re sure to see a lot of this year.

Layering Necklaces

Layering is the number one trend of the 20's so far. Everyone loves layering necklaces and it’s the main trend that’s been sweeping the runways and worn throughout the seasons. The beauty of layering is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it so you can really mix up the jewellery you currently have to create unique styles and looks for every outfit. Mix metals and textures to create a look that is uniquely yours. We can't get enough of this Utopia Pearl Necklace and Lovers Lock Necklace combination.

Colourful Beads

Colourful beaded necklaces became a big hit during the Summer of 2021 and the love for them is only growing. This fun trend combines the homemade jewellery of our childhood with a more high-end avant-garde style. Our Encanto and Playa Pearl necklaces leave no room for cool weather blues. The pops of colour in between a sea of pearls are the perfect reminder of sunny days and happy moments. 

Zodiac Necklaces

Zodiac jewellery is the personal fashion trend that is only going to continue reinventing itself. The unique, the sentimental, and the bespoke are always favourites when it comes to jewellery, but it's actually the stars that are speaking the loudest in 2022. Zodiac signs are the most requested at the moment, and our Intertellar Collection is an absolutely beautiful, hand-drawn take on a classic favourite. 

Pearls, pearls, pearls

Never really one to go out of fashion, Pearls do however, definitely go through phases of being in or out of favour with the fashion elite. For 2022 and beyond, Pearls are having a true renaissance. The perfect partner for any outfit, to layer or match with earrings, Pearl necklaces are being given a modern refresh and should be your new go-to everyday piece. Our Oceana pearl necklace and Georgina pearl necklace and two fan favourites.

To start creating your own versions of these popular necklace trends, check out our necklace and pendants section to get started.


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