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Spring Into These Jewellery Trends

The one thing we love about jewellery is that although there are trends, it never really is "trendy" and you can do what you please with it. With that being said, we explore some Spring looks which have been popular on runways and it girls, and explore how you can incorporate them into your everyday looks.

Irregular Studs

Irregular studs have been inspired by the 'old money' aesthetic that currently has a choke hold on fashion. If you're not picturing what we mean, think of our Gyspet oversized pearl studs. Perfect with just about any look, they ooze effortless elegance in the most 2022 way imaginable. Or even our Stellar Studs, petite and star shaped, a playful take on the classic we all cherish.

Florals for Spring...Groundbreaking

Irrespective of what Miranda Priestly may think, blooms for Spring always make their way back around and we love it. Blooms particularly pair well with the Y2K nostalgia we have collectively been experiencing, which is why the Bloom Pearl Choker is the piece of the season, indulging both our nostalgia and our need for a piece that turns heads. If you're looking to tend to your love of blooms on the safer side, you cannot go wrong with the Jasmin Pearl Drop Earrings. Baroque freshwater pearls hanging off golden petals, yes that is heaven, we know!

@oliviamollyrogers and @tee_smyth

The Y Necklace

It's giving glitzy cowgirl. Similar to previously mentioned trends, the Y necklace seemed to belong to different generations for quite some time, but all of a sudden, it's feeling current and it looks incredible with an unbuttoned shirt or low cut top. Our Lariat Necklace is the ideal dainty addition to any décolletage baring style. 


We've said it before, and we're saying it even louder now. Silver is here to stay. Two years ago, silver would've been considerer a sin and no longer “in style” (at least according to content creators), the metal went into hiding, and its golden sister took its place in the fashionable sun. However, the silver jewellery renaissance is upon us this spring, and the key to taking on this trend is all about tones. You have a lot of freedom with silver as it works well with cooler colours and minimalist styles. 

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