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Spotlight On Pearls

With Pearls being June’s birthstone, we thought it was only fitting to give them the spotlight they deserve.The Greeks believed that they were tears of joy that had been hardened when they were shaken from the eyes of the goddess of love. The Arabs believed that they were formed when oysters were lured by the light of the moon from the depths of the seas. One thing we know for sure is that they’ve made one hell of a comeback in 2021!

3 varied pearl necklaces hanging over a stack of books on a gold side table

From Catwalks to red carpets, from Harry Styles and Bella Hadid to Kamala Harris. Pearls are here to stay for a while and we couldn’t love this trend more.

The 2021 pearl trend is all about adding a modern twist to a classic strand. We’re talking statement pieces, small features and everything in between.

Pearl chokers are where the classic look gets a makeover, adding that little bit of edge to the otherwise classy piece. Our Seed Pearl and Calypso Chokers cater for both those looking for an understated look and bolder, more statement piece. Made from freshwater pearls, you can keep them in your style stack for generations to come. 

Mixing metals with pearls is another gorgeous way to stay en vogue, without committing to the full pearl necklace effect. Our Treasure Necklace and Blossom earrings are the perfect combination of the jewellery you know and love, adorned with the ocean treasures in a minimal yet effective way. 





Seed Pearl Choker




Calypso Choker


From what we know, the pearl obsession is here to stay for a while. So if you’re thinking about whether to invest in your pearly jewellery, it’s a yes from us. And if you’re feeling like joining the fashionistas, we recommend stacking the different pearl styles together for the ultimate head turn!

We would love to see how you style your BIANKO pearls, don’t forget to tag us in your photos #biankojewellery


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