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Spotlight On Gemstones

The need for protection is looming large on the runways. From Balenciaga to Lady Gaga, gemstone adorned jewels are becoming a staple. Jewels now have grander intention than being mere accessories, because they form part of a new chic in crystals and stones with spiritual properties.

As a popular trend in 90's and early ’00s, stones such as the amethyst, garnet, and opal were typically worn as birthstones. And let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love even the slightest bit of personalisation? We know we're guilty! This time around, the trend appears to be in reaction to the popularity of minimalism and subtle colour, adding an extra flair to any ensemble. 

The inspiration for our Lucent collection was to help you tap into your internal energies with carefully selected gemstones. Whether you are searching for mental clarity, calming of your mind, a strengthening of relationships or a reawakening of your inner passion, you can select the stone that speaks to you. You may find that you are drawn to a different stone depending on the day, your mood or your surroundings, which is why you can mix and match between the rings and necklaces.

The belief that stones are silent protectors and benefit our lives has echoed down the centuries – not surprising, when you consider they are the result of upheavals in nature, vast geological shifts, volcanic activity and the erosion of mountains, all of which give these crystal survivors an aura of magic.

We no longer use crystals like our predecessors, to cure a snakebite or disease, but they do give us a comforting connection to something greater than ourselves. They also give a sense of the earth’s perseverance, which many of us are seeking in this tumultuous and confusing time.

Our Lucent collection doesn't steal the spotlight. It simply ads a subtle sparkle in the right place, bringing a whole new level of refinement to your outfit.

We would love to see how you wear your favourite gemstones so don't forget to tag us!


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