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October's Birth Flower - The Marigold

It is of no surprise to learn that October is one of the favourite months for those residing in the Southern hemisphere. Days get longer and warmer and all of the fun that the tail end of the year brings with it seems within reach. It is the beginning of the unofficial party season, yes, we're talking about celebrating you October borns!

October's birth flower is the stunning Marigold, grown in colours that remind you of blissful sunshine and warmth. These flowers represent fierce love, passion and creativity, bringing with them positivity and joy. However, Marigold flowers are not only known for their beauty. These stunning blooms have been a part of a long tradition in medicine with healing inflammation.

The name “marigold” has its origin in religion, as many plants do. Originally, we knew it as Mary’s Gold, named after Jesus’ mother. Early Christians had a tradition of placing flowers on Mary’s altar as an offering instead of coins. Marigolds are often used in festivities honouring Mary, even today. 

Immortalised by Paige Tuzee in our Birth Flower Pendants and Prints, they are the perfect reminder to yourself of brilliant, bright and warm individual that you are.

When gifted to others, they symbolise joy and signify the powerful strength of the sun, representing power, strength, and light that lives inside of a person.

Flowers have always been a gentle substitute for words, conveying emotions, thoughts, and moods with floral beauty, so maybe it’s time to spoil yourself or someone you love with a special flower that lasts a lifetime.


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