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November's Birth Flower - The Chrysanthemum

November isn't just the month that separates Halloween and Christmas, for the November borns it is the month that celebrates them! A month which gives us a taste of the Summer ahead, a month which carries the excitement and fun of things to come.

November's Birth Flower is the stunning Chrysanthemum, or more commonly known simply as mum. Renowned Swedish botanist Karl Linnaeus gave the name chrysanthemum, which originated from the Greek words chrysos (gold) and anthemon (flower).  The gorgeous blooms, like their November born counterparts symbolise optimism, joy, longevity and compassion. 

With a rich and deep history originating in Asia in the 15th century, the Chinese and Japanese consider chrysanthemums a powerful emblem of youth. The Chinese also believe that it prevents gray hair (we will absolutely choose to believe that).

They are still so loved in both China and Japan, that they have their own special day dedicated to them which is called the Festival of Happiness.

Immortalised by Paige Tuzee in our Birth Flower Pendants and Prints, they are the perfect reminder to yourself of brilliant, bright and warm individual that you are.

When gifted they symbolise friendship and well-wishes making a wonderful gift for birthdays and special moments shared with love ones.

Flowers have always been a gentle substitute for words, conveying emotions, thoughts, and moods with floral beauty, so maybe it’s time to spoil yourself or someone you love with a special flower that lasts a lifetime.


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