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Libra Jewellery Must-Haves

Libra season is upon us

September 23rd to October 22nd marks the Libra Season, the season of the tasteful, flirtatious Libra woman. That being said, this Libra season, BIANKO are shining the spotlight on the Libra jewellery essentials, the October Marigold Birth Flower Necklace, and the Libra Zodiac Constellation Necklace. We’ll also share some pieces that are perfect for the Libra women you love so dearly.

The Libra Female

Libra belongs to the air element of the zodiac, thus the Libra female is fixated on balance and harmony. She strives for equilibrium in all areas of her life, her harmonious energy radiating in all her being. The Libra female is smart, a charmer who trusts her intuition above all else. She doesn’t like chaos or conflict and thus is at peace when she wears BIANKO’s Libra jewellery pieces. 

The October Birth Flower Necklace

The October Birth Flower Necklace is crafted from Sterling silver and plated in 18K Yellow Gold or Rhodium (Silver). This Libra jewellery staple, like the Libra woman who loves to be in love, is brilliant, bright, and warm, bringing Libra’s positivity and joy. This is a Libra jewellery essential, perfect for a day-to-night look. Worn as a staple piece like all our Libra jewellery, the October Birth Flower Necklace will dance gracefully around the décolletage and enrich any outfit.

Libra Zodiac Constellation Necklace

The Interstellar Collection’s Libra Zodiac Constellation Necklace is another Libra jewellery essential. The personalised zodiac constellation is an ode to the unique Libra, hand-drawn by Paige Tuzee. Available in 18K Yellow and Rose Gold, and Sterling silver, this jewellery staple embodies Libra’s charming, graceful and empathetic energy. The Zodiac Constellation Necklace is a Libra jewellery essential that is perfect for an evening glam look, its dainty features sitting elegantly on the décolletage.


The Libra woman dislikes chaos and is flirtatious by nature. For this reason, the Rebecca Chain Earrings and Shoreline Wave Ring are two BIANKO pieces that Libra’s adore.


Play around with the trends that you love and make them your own. We love seeing how your style your @_bianko pieces, so don’t forget to tag us in your looks this Libra season #biankojewellery #BIANKObeauties #inmyBIANKO


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