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In Conversation with - Jem Juthamat


Jem Juthamat is the creative eye behind one of the most lust worthy interiors accounts on Instagram, a master in neutrals and creating dreamy, light and elegant spaces.

We admire Jem not only for her styling prowess, but also how she manages being a mother to a young family whilst leading up her Interior Design studio - Jem and Bianca Interiors alongside her sister. Accomplished in her own right, Jem is an absolute delight and constant source of positivity amongst her community. Always championing other women, you will often find her generous words of encouragement amongst her network’s posts.

It is for this reason that we wished to chat with her, at no better time than International Women’s Day - a day for celebrating strong, intelligent, inspiring and kind women. Jem is all of these and more, a true representation of the values we believe in at BIANKO. We so adored chatting with her about running a female led business, her words of wisdom and sources of inspiration.



The BIANKO collection is designed for the modern woman, with the understanding that she leads a busy, multi-faceted life. What keeps you busy day to day?

As soon as I wake up during the weekdays, it’s go go go. I get the kids ready for school with the help of my hubby. After school drop offs, I spend an hour doing emails and then half an hour working on my engagement on my social platforms; replying to my audience comments and DMs. I style, create and edit content during the day and sometimes in the evening for brands and for my socials.  

While the kids are in school, my main focus is working on my other business I have with Bianca, Jem and Bianca Interiors. We have virtual meetings and discuss new projects and finalising projects for our clients. If I find time, I try and do a bit of cleaning. After 5pm, I love to shut off and spend dinner time with the family until the kids are asleep. I then like to prepare my schedule for the next day while I watch a bit of Netflix and do some more engaging on Instagram. 

You have such a kind, giving presence on social media, always generously commenting and supporting others. Why do you believe it is so important to share positivity in this way?

Positive energy projects healing energies. It’s important to try and be positive, because it helps to move forward. Sharing positivity can help others grow. It can also help others believe more in themselves to make their dreams and goals come true. It’s a ripple effect.


You are one half of a female-led Interior Design studio (Jem and Bianca Interiors), what is it that you love about partnering with another woman in business? What have you learned from working together?

I absolutely love working Bianca. We know how to read and communicate with one another, which makes us understand the other person very well.

Being so many years apart in age, we get along ever so well and have learnt a lot, such as being more patient and learning how to ask the right questions. Communication is the key ingredient when working together and with our clients. We don’t agree on everything all the time, but because we can read each other so well, disagreeing becomes a constructive activity. 

We encourage and bring the best out in each other. 

As a mother, what wisdom do you most want to impart on your children and the next generation? 

Failing is just a detour in life, not a dead end. If the plan didn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received from your own mother?

My mother taught me a lot of things without knowing she was doing anything. She’s taught me how to be resilient more than anything.


Jem wears our October Marigold Birth Flower Pendant in Yellow Gold.

What qualities do you most admire in other women?

I admire the way we encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves, and to also support each other in times of good and bad.

Who are the women that inspire you most? 

I am inspired by women who have a strong backbone that they have made for themselves from their traumatic past. Women who stand tall after being knocked down again and again and again. Women who can own feeling vulnerable and ask for help when they need to. Women who support one another. 

Explore Jem's world via her Instagram and find Jem and Bianca Interiors here.


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