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Introducing Lucent

We are so excited to finally introduce to you what has been some time in the making. When we dream up our collections, our process always begins with connecting with our customers. We design these pieces for you and we always want them to have a special meaning and purpose. 

Lucent was born out of our desire to connect to ourselves and each other more. Out of the necessity to stay together while staying apart, out of the necessity to stay grounded while so much in the world is uncertain. It is a collection that reminds you it's okay to feel what you're feeling, and that you're strong enough to get through it all.

The word 'lucent' means to 'give off light', and that is the purpose of every single gemstone we have selected. A collection inspired by a desire to create unique jewellery that helps to normalise and destigmatise mental health conditions.

Each gemstone was selected for its beauty, but more importantly, the ability to represent how and what you’re feeling. Whether you’re searching for mental clarity (amethyst), calming of the mind (aquamarine), strengthening of relationships (garnet) or a reawakening of an inner passion and courage (opal). Often people are drawn to a different stone (or several stones) depending on the energy you require, the day, your mood or even your surroundings. 

With Lucent you can tap into your internal energies, providing you with the energy you need and protecting you from the energy you don’t.

We hope this collection is able to bring to you what it is you're lacking, or perhaps  connect you with those you're missing where words simply aren't enough. We can't wait to see how you wear your Lucent pieces, so don't forget to share it with us!


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