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Introducing Interstellar

Meet Interstellar and discover your personal zodiac constellation.

Over the last few months, we did our best to really connect with you and find out what was missing from our range and what you would really love to see. An overwhelming amount of you told us that you would love a zodiac inspired piece, something personal, alike the infamous and timeless Birth Flower.
We took this incredible feedback and worked with the talented Paige Tuzee to create something personal and magical, and then Interstellar was born. The magic of you that occurred between stars comes together in our cosmic zodiac collection. Hand-drawn designs by Paige Tuzee carefully crafted on delicate pieces come together in the perfect every day styles.

More than a simple tribute to zodiac constellations, this collection is a symbol of your deepest self, reflecting your
bond with the universe and the mystical night sky. Capturing the interstellar magic at the time you were born, creating a unique and deeply personal piece for you to wear with love. Subtlety and elegance come together with deep meaning in this collection, with each zodiac constellation dancing atop a gold or silver plate.
Astrology meets art to bring you a piece to cherish through the seasons.The interstellar collection is an ode to unique you, the millennia long power of Astrology and our connection to something greater.
Carry the night sky wherever you go and allow the start to always dance atop your skin. 
We are so proud to work with you to create pieces that you love and we thank you for your endless support. We cannot wait to see you in your Interstellar pieces, so don't forget to tag us @_bianko #inmyBIANKO #BIANKObeauties


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