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In Conversation with - Tess Motuzas

She is the face behind our Salt Campaign but as we got to know Tess during the shoot, we realised just how much of an inspiring young woman she is! It went without question that we had to feature her in our In Conversation series as she certainly embodies everything it means to be a BIANKO muse. 


You recently graduated from midwifery (congrats!), what led you to choose this career path?

Thanks so much!! Surprisingly it actually wasn’t something I’d ever dreamt of doing when I was a child. In high school my passion and interest in health science really started to shine through, particularly in women’s health. I followed this interest after graduating and ended up studying two years of a naturopath degree. Whilst I LOVED this area, I felt it wasn’t hands on enough for me. I’d had a few midwife friends make comments that I would be great and should consider it, and this is where midwifery sort of landed on my lap! And I’ve never looked back since.

What do you enjoy most about being a midwife? Is there anything you dislike?

Most people assume that the best part is the cute babies, and whilst they’re a huge bonus I have to say my favourite part is the connection that you make with the women and their partners. I’ve made some amazing friends out of the families that I’ve been very lucky to follow throughout their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. I’ve had really special moments being their personal cheerleader, and some really hard moments where I’ve held their hands and wiped away their tears. You really see the most vulnerable part of families during pregnancy and birth. All of these moments mean so much to me.

In terms of things I dislike, it would probably have to be staffing and workloads midwives deal with some days. The days where things get crazy busy (a pandemic baby boom hasn’t helped) and you almost feel as though you loose the ability to be there for every woman in every way you wish you could be.

How long have you been modelling and how did you first get into the industry?

I feel like I’m losing count of the years!! I think it’s been about 5? The first shoot I did was for a hair salon campaign. I had a few more job offers here and there after this until I was scouted by an agency. I stayed with them for about a year until I made the decision to go freelance. I’m SO glad that I did this as I’ve loved having the freedom to pick and choose which brands I really align with and to also determine when I need to take a step back from modelling to focus on my degree.

You seem to be able to balance your studies, career and passions, how do you do it all?

 People might think I’m joking when I say this but I rely very heavily on my calendar and reminder apps!! When it comes to study I’m pretty strict with setting goals and deadlines and this really helps with making sure I’m using my time wisely. I love a good to-do list haha.

Studying such a heavy and time-consuming degree has really taught me the importance of balancing work/study with passions and social life. I was horrible with this at the start and it almost hit a point where I realised something needed to change. I’ve done a lot of work on prioritising my self-care and I now see the importance of allowing myself to rest and recharge in order to show up in the other areas of my life. 

What do you like to do in your free time to relax?

I’m a huge foodie so I think my favourite thing to do is grab a coffee and croissant and spend a few hours chatting away with my friends and/or partner. Nothing beats a catch up over a Chu croissant in Hyde Park.



Name a song that reminds you of summer.

Anything by Best Coast! An oldie but a goodie is Our Deal – Best Coast 💛

Favourite book or podcast?

I LOVE a good crime podcast so probably Crime Junkie or Casefile.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Comfortable, colourful and (somewhat) chaotic haha. I think it’s hard to define my style because it’s constantly changing and evolving. The one thing that has remained is how much I love wearing bright and bold colours.

What is your favourite piece from the SALT collection?

I remember saying at the shoot that the Oceana necklace and bracelet were my absolute favourites! I’ve already worn my necklace a ridiculous amount of times since receiving it haha. Honourable mentions also go to the Friendship bracelets because they’re adorable and also a great present idea for Christmas and birthdays!


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