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In conversation with ~ Brooke McAuley

Brooke McAuley
We had so much fun getting to know Melbourne-based model, content creator and former ballerina, Brooke McAuley. 
What are your favourite Bianko jewels and how do you like to style them?
I have not taken my Birth Flower Necklace off since I got it! I love styling it with my lounge wear at home, adding a little sparkle to something that is very casual [like tracky-dacks] makes such a difference and lifts a whole outfit…. Even if you’re just hanging at home.
Do you prefer Gold, Rose Gold or Silver? 
I'm a gold girl, always!
What is your go-to at home outfit?
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from so many different things, people, places, movies, however one thing I always come back to for some reason is my 'Slim Aarons Poolside' book. I don’t know why, but there's something so charming about those images which I manage to find inspiration from for many different aspects of life.
What TV shows are you currently binging?
‘Outlander’! A 5 season series based in Scotland. I am so invested in the story, as well as the main character Jamie Fraser… [he’s so handsome!] Scotland was never on my bucket list, but it is now!
What is your favourite recipe to make at home?
Margaritas! [The drink, not the pizza] That's about as good as I'll get in the kitchen.
What is your favourite activity to do at home?
CLEAN! A strange answer, I know, however I get so much satisfaction by putting some music on and clearing out my wardrobe/spare room/kitchen draws. It's very therapeutic.
What are you currently listening to/reading?
The soundtrack from Netflix movie ‘The Bad Batch’, really cool tunes and background beats! [Great for cleaning the house with]
What IG account can’t you go a day without checking?
Ooo, It's a tie between @xeniaadonts for the outfit inspo, and @rianne.meijer for the laughs - I’m a long time follower of the two, always producing such fun and unique content!
What is a positive that has come from Covid-19?
Having my partner Brenton home with me 24/7! He works so hard and it's been really special to have him working from home. I’ve also loved the ability to paint my nails as bright as possible, seeming I don’t need to have neutral toned nails for work these days he he. Although, In saying that, I'm not sure if that’s a Covid negative or positive due to a decrease in work… regardless, I’m always looking on the bright side!
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