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How To Style Your Delicate Jewellery In Winter

As much as we love living in denial when it comes to the weather, there is no denying that Winter has set in and it's not going anywhere soon. But, just because you now live in your Winter knits and layered pieces, doesn't mean your delicate jewellery needs to be stored away for warmer days.

In fact, some of the chicest looks combine delicate pieces with rough-textured knits. We've compiled some of our favourite Winter looks below to give you some stylish inspiration for the rest of the frosty season.

Bracelets with detail

It's true that many bracelets don't really go with bulky sweater sleeves. Bangles get caught and thin bracelets get lost. The key is wearing a bracelet with some detail. Think charms that pop their head out as you move around, adding flair and style to any simple Winter look.

Find a good stud

Stud earrings are the perfect go-to jewels to dress up your lobes for Winter. They won’t get caught in your scarves or high or oversized turtlenecks. They'll complement the simplest of looks and are perfect for when the wind forces you to rock an up-do.

Castle Rock Opal Studs


Gold necklaces and knits

Gold has made a comeback like no other this year and it's only getting better. Golden tones will warm up any look but not everyone is a fan of chunky gold necklaces placed over their chunkier knits. To us, that screams of a distant aunt's fashion faux pas. Instead, we prefer a much more subtle style, allowing your dainty gold chain and pendant to hang slightly over your knit. The result = effortlessly chic


Ningaloo Necklace


So don't let Winter steal your thunder, or your style. Whip out your most delicate pieces and show us how you style them by tagging @_bianko


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