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How to Style an Earring Stack

We adore the playfulness and self expression that an Earring Stack allows. It truly is a blank canvas for you to experiment and curate a set that reflects your own person style.

When designing our Earring collection our approach always centres around a focus on timeless design with a hint of modern minimalism, which translates so well into pieces that layer beautifully with each other.

As with any styling venture, the most beautiful earring stacks take consideration, here are our best tips to create your very own ear statement. 


Earring Stack Styling Tips

Start with a theme - whether that just be your choice of metals, or details like accent jewels or shapes. You can make this as matchy-matchy as you like or be loosely eclectic, but maintaining a slight theme will create a cohesive and intentional look.

We prefer to follow a diagonal line with the earring drops as it best accentuates your face. This means arranging the lowest hanging earrings closest to your face, and as you work outwards work your way through to smaller huggies and finally studs.



Look 1

This combination focuses on blending modern and classical details with White Sapphire Clovers paired with the soft curves of the twist hoops - a nod to a traditional style. The result is subtly feminine, and effortlessly timeless.

Twist Hoops

Clover Drop Huggies

Clover Studs 


 Look 2

Opting for a palette of silver, this look plays on materials and texture for interest. Incorporating pearl, white sapphires and the textural statement of the Charmer Hoops to elevate the uniformity of this all-silver look.

Charmer Hoops

Pearl Drop Huggies

Clover Studs 



Look 3

These sweet miniature heart studs were the foundation of this look, being so dainty and femme they contrast nicely with the chunkier look of the Chain Huggies. The pearl drop earrings were the perfect centrepiece, being quite minimal against these two statement styles, whilst further playing on the eclecticism of this combination.

Open Heart Studs

Pearl Drop Huggies

Chain Huggies



Look 4

For this trio, a uniform shape meant we could call in texture to be the feature. The combination of a solid, finer texture of the Charmer Hoops and slightly larger detail of the Mini Bobble Huggies makes this combination work a treat, the variance in scale is key.


Micro Bobble Huggies

Arrow Drop Huggies

Charmer Hoops



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