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How To Keep Your BIANKO Jewellery Clean

As most BIANKO pieces are made to be timeless treasures that can be worn every single day, eventually you may notice that they’re no longer as sparkly as they once were. Fear not, we have some tips on how you can care for them and bring back their shine and we also have a new addition you can add to your care kit.

Tarnishing is a chemical reaction that occurs when the other metals that are mixed with the gold and silver in fine jewellery come into contact with air and other various substances such as lotions, perfumes and oils on the skin and cause it to darken. This darkening is only a thin layer on the surface of the metal and can easily be removed and returned to its original sparkle. With a little care and maintenance the tarnishing can even be prevented so your special piece will last for years to come. 

When you’re not wearing it

All our pieces come in special soft pouches. Simply store your special piece in the pouch to keep it safe from scratches and chips. Ensure that it is not stored near a heat source and doesn’t have any weight on it. This can cause discolouration and deformation. 

Keep it dry - when you can

One of the quickest ways to tarnish your jewellery is by contact with moisture and liquids. This includes lotions and perfumes. It’s best to wait a few minutes after applying lotions or perfumes before putting on your special piece. Try to avoid wearing your jewellery in chlorinated pools and hot tubs and remove any pieces that might come into contact with household cleaners when you’re cleaning up.

Squeaky Clean

To give your pieces a wash, you’ll need lukewarm water and soft liquid soap (we advise avoiding harsh detergents.) Dip your piece into the soapy water and, using your fingers to gently rub away any dirt or debris. Rinse with plain water and gently pat dry. 


If you notice a little tarnishing after the wash still, you can use a jewellery cloth to remove the dark spots. Our jewellery cloth is pre-treated with special chemicals to help remove the tarnishing. The cloth's special polishing and cleansing action works until the cloth is completely darkened.

With little care and maintenance, you can keep your BIANKO pieces looking brand new for years to come.


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