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How To Choose The Perfect Hoops

Hoops are without a shadow of a doubt, a girls true best friend. They can be an everyday staple, as well as the perfect accessory to jazz up your 'night on the town' look. You know what they say, the bigger the hoop, the bigger!

One hoop however, does not fit all.  Each size and style adds something different, and face shapes play their part too. We've put together this guide to help you find your ideal pair of hoops, considering everything from sizes to details.  

Size Matters

The size of a pair of hoops greatly impacts its style. Size also affects how hoops frame your face and which hairstyles they’ll look best with. So, your choice of hoop size will affect their aesthetics and wearability. 

Our hoops range from 10mm huggies to 30mm hoops to give you a range to work with, or even build your perfect earring stack!

If you're one to stick on a pair of earrings and never remove them, huggies and small hoops are an excellent option. They are subtle and elegant, but still eye catching and gorgeous (particularly when they have a hanging detail like our Pearl or Clover Drop Huggies. Huggies and small hoops flatter most face shapes and they are a particularly great choice for those who usually wear their hair at a medium to long length, since their petite silhouette looks chic amongst flowing locks. 

If you like an everyday hoop with a touch of sass, medium sized hoops are your best bet. Our Everyday Hoops come in at 30mm and are the ideal candidate. Flattering on all face shapes and complimentary of all hairstyles, they add the perfect boost of style to more simple looks

Still in the space of everyday hoops, but bringing with them a little edge are asymmetrical hoops such as our Oxford Hoops. Simple enough to slide into everyday looks but different enough to definitely turn some heads and gain you some compliments, they're a best seller for a reason.

We round off our guide with occasion hoops, those with a little extra detail, perfect for the endless parties ahead. Our Castle Rock Pearl and Opal Hoops are perfect for any statement occasion. They look gorgeous with pulled back hairstyles as these allow the hoops to take full focus and draw maximum attention to the face. 

Whether you're after something sleek or something more ornate, or perhaps something in between, you’re bound to find a hoop that fits the bill. We'd love to see how you rock your BIANKO hoops, so don't forget to tag us @_bianko #biankojewellery


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