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How To Care For Your Pearls

From traditional to ultra-trendy, pearls have made the ultimate comeback as the must-have in any fashionista's jewellery box. Pearls are universally flattering. They bring light to the face and look great with any outfit. As pearls feature heavily in our latest collection - we decided to put together a Care Guide so that you can get the most out of your gems!

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Pearls are an organic gemstone and require a little extra care to keep their lustrous beauty shining. Simply follow our Do's and Don'ts below and your pearls will remain as new!
- Store your pearls in a cool dry place, away from other jewellery and materials that may scratch their surface.
- Clean your pearls with a soft, slightly damp, cloth.
Do Not:
- Allow your pearls to come into contact with perfumes, hairspray, tanning solutions, cosmetics and household cleaning products, especially any corrosive materials.
Tip: Apply your make up first, then wear your pearls!
- Swim or bathe with your pearls. Pool chemicals will harm the lustre of your pearls.
- Expose your pearls to extreme heat. This may soften the specially formulated cement used to attach your pearl and increase the risk of your pearl jewellery coming apart. Keep away from direct sunlight on hot days and remember to remove before using the hair dryer!
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