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The Do's and Don'ts of Storing Your Jewels

We love to collect timeless and classic pieces in our jewellery collection, a mix of keepsake pieces, heirlooms or everyday treasures. Part of this is ensuring that the precious pieces we own last and stay sparkling for years to come.

Today we're sharing our best kept secrets to keeping your jewels looking luxe.

What to do ....

Invest in Storage

A jewellery box is always your best option for storing jewels to keep them protected from dust. Jewellery can tarnish if dust is left on its surface, so whilst dishes and trinket bowls look cute, if you are leaving your precious pieces there for a while they may start to age and discolour over time.
A glass top jewellery box is a beautiful way to display your pieces, keeping them in sight for when you're styling your look of the day whilst still protecting them. Ensure your jewellery box is big enough that you can keep space between your jewels, as some pieces- especially those that are gold plated- are susceptible to scratching if everything is crammed in together.

Caring for the Finer Things

There's nothing worse than when you're running late and the necklace you know will complete your outfit is tangled up in an impossible knot. It's always best to keep finer pieces separate to avoid damage to delicate chains, which is why most BIANKO pieces come with a luxury pouch so that you can prevent entanglement.
These are also great for when you travel, to keep your jewels safe in your bag and protected from other things you might be carrying that could catch or spill on your precious pieces.

Get the Glow

Keep your jewels glowing brighter than Queen-Bey by gently cleaning them with a fine cloth to remove any residue and bring back the shine. Whether you have silver or gold pieces, you want to be very gentle as you do this to avoid scratching or lifting the surface. If you have a silver jewellery cloth this is perfect, otherwise a fine microfibre one (like the one that came with your sunglasses) is great.

A gentle buff with a dry cloth should be enough, or just a hint of fresh water.  Always avoid using soaps or detergents as these can react with your precious metals or loosen jewellery fixings.


As seen here, the Petal Earrings from our Fleur special edition collection. Each BIANKO order is packed with love, with essential details like our luxury jewellery box and protective pouch.


What to avoid ....

There are a few everyday items that don't react well with your jewels should they come into contact with them. It is always best to avoid the following:

Perfume, makeup, hairspray and moisturiser

Apply these before you put on your jewels, and do your best to avoid contact altogether.


This is a big one, as above avoid contact altogether as the oils in sunscreen are very reactive with metals.

Sweat and salt water

Whether you are hitting the beach, pool or the gym, it's always best to remove your jewellery beforehand as salt and chlorine are known to tarnish them quickly.


As seen here, our Blossom Earrings and Bloom Studs from the Fleur collection,  alongside the Seed Pearl Choker.


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