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Brig Saunders Shares Her Ultimate Home Pilates Workout

If you're anything like us and that New Year motivation is slowly weening, fear not - We caught up with super-babe and one of Melbourne's most in-demand Pilates Instructors, Brigitte Saunders, or more commonly known as @brigxx - and she has shared with us her go-to express home pilates workout. 
The circuit runs for 10 minutes but it does fire up the whole body - if you're feeling up for it, run through it 2 or 3 times! 


Express 10 minute pilates with Brig:


Pilates 100!

Time to get the core fired up. Lying on your back, AB curl up, hover your legs off the mat at 90 degrees and pump your arms up & down by your side, breathing in for 5 & out for 5 for 100 counts/60 seconds.

Single leg bridges!

Now we move onto the butt. Beginning with your left foot on the mat, stretch the right leg to the sky, lift your hips up and slowly roll the spine back down to the Mat, repeat this side for 20 reps before changing legs / 60 seconds each side.

Supine leg raises!

This one is gonna get those abs burning. Lying on your back stretch both legs long to the sky, slowly lower them to hover over the mat before slowly lifting them back up. Try to keep your spine as controlled as possible on the mat, to modify just lower 1 leg at a time. 60 seconds 

Side planks

We can't call it a core workout if we don't target the obliques. Roll onto your side, left elbow resting on the mat, stack your feet one on top of one another and lift your hips off the mat! Option to rest your knee closest to the mat down to modify. Repeat on your right-hand side. 60 seconds each side.

High plank with leg lifts

This is most likely going to get the heart pumping. Holding your high plank, hands on the mat, lift one leg at a time off the floor while keeping your hips as still as possible. If you have wrist issues, modify by coming down to your forearms. 60 seconds


No need to jump in a swimming pool to get the benefits. Lying prone on your stomach, stretch your arms out in front of you and your legs behind you, hover your chest and thighs off the mat, alternating opposite leg with arm, lift them slightly higher to create almost a flutter like motion from the hip & shoulder while keeping the trunk of your body as stable as possible. 60 seconds

Bird dog

This is an all-time full-body favourite that looks much easier than it is. Find a four-point kneel position, lift and reach one arm out in front of your shoulder, send the opposite leg out long while keeping your hips and shoulders square. Alternate this maintaining a nice long steady spine. 60 seconds

Cat cow stretch

And to bring it home, in your four-point kneel alternate flexion, repeat 10 times
If you're feeling up for it, repeat the whole sequence again!


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