BIANKO Muse - Q + A with Edith Broad

She looks like an endless Summer, she exudes positivity and she inspires us to chase our dreams - meet our muse, Edith Broad, or more commonly known as @edi.bee - She is a woman of many talents, designer, influencer and business owner, and she has us wanting to know more about her mysterious charms.

We sat down with Edi to talk about her style, inspirations, a peek into her average day and of course her favourite BIANKO pieces.

Edi Wears: Cape Leveque Necklace and Ningaloo Bracelet


B: Silver or Gold?
E.B: Gold
B: Do you prefer to layer your jewellery or keep it simple?
E.B: BOTH! If I had to choose though...... Layer
B: What / Who is your go to style inspiration? 
E.B: My mood rules and inspires my style 💯. One day I'll be feeling a pair of Levi’s with one of Tim's shirts and pair of boots, then the next I'll wanna be in a silk slip or the world's floatiest skirt. I can't keep up!
B: What is your favourite piece of jewellery from the BIANKO Rock Pool collection?
E.B: The Lucky Bay opal ring!!!! I love it so much will wear forever
B: Favourite accessory trend for Autumn / Winter 2019?
E.B: Lots of gold, I wanna start wearing more statement earrings too.
B: What are 3 things that you cannot travel without?
E.B: Fairy lights, a buddy and enough money for amazing food everywhere we go. And I'd totally be lying if I didn't say my phone/camera. Sorry that's four.
B: Favourite place to visit in Western Australia?
E.B: Margaret River rain hail or shiiiine ✨
B: What’s a typical day in the life of Edi?
E.B: I suck at (hate) routine so this fluctuates a lot, but my favourite thing to do is get up really really early, exercise, get a coffee and be at the beach for sunrise. Come home, tuck into work, do design stuff, do a bunch of other creative stuff. Go to the beach, have a drink with my boyfriend, see my friends and fam, hang out with my dog, take him to the beach, watch the sunset, eat good food/shop for good food/cook good food/drink good wine, watch a movie. All the things. I love to mix it up and do as much fun stuff as possible all the time yay 💃
How incredibly gorgeous and down to earth is Edi!? Make sure you follow her journey through her Instagram account HERE.  If you are interested in being featured as a #BIANKOMuse on this blog, get in touch with us HERE.


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