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Bedside Vibes

With so many of us spending increasing amounts of time at home (thank you lockdown 97.1?), our attitudes towards the spaces we spend time in have shifted. Spare rooms have become offices and bedrooms have become sanctuaries. There’s nothing like looking at your bedside table covered in all-sorts, and feeling an overwhelming desire to clear it. 

Your bedside table deserves to be more than just a dumping ground for glasses, loose change, lip balms and chargers. It is one of the main pieces of furniture in your bedroom, it deserves to shine, and once your bedsides are styled to perfection, every other facet of your life just falls into place… well almost!

So, while there is no right or wrong way to style your bedside, there are some tricks to getting the look right, and we’ve done the hard work for you - so enjoy!

Clutter, be-gone

We know it’s a pain, but it’s time to get rid of the tissues, stacks of books, random bits of paper, empty hand creams, and even the charging cords if you dare. Keeping electronics away from your bedside has more benefits than just the aesthetic ones. The bedside should be peaceful. Not being able to reach your phone without getting out of bed may feel like a negative at first, but you’ll thank yourself later when you aren’t checking for notifications as soon as you open your eyes.

Let there be light

It’s a bedside must: a great lamp. Make sure that you choose the correct size so as not to overwhelm your space. Don’t be afraid to pick something with a bit of flair, the right lamp can easily act as a sculptural piece of art. If you feel like a lamp cramps your space, consider installing a wall mounted lamp above!

Meaningful art

Speaking of pieces of art, they belong on your bedside. However, when it comes to the bedroom, it’s about capturing something that has sentimental value and presenting it beautifully, so that you can admire it every day. Our Birth Flower Prints are the perfect example of something personal and beautiful that reminds you of your best qualities every single day. Additionally, postcards from your travels also work well as smaller pieces. Artwork doesn’t have to be hung either, it often works best leaning up against the wall to one side.

Candles and Books

Always a beautifully romantic addition to every bedside table. A small stack of books looks beautiful, and also creates height and interest. That stacked topped with a gorgeous smelling candle in a decorative vessel and you have yourself a little slice of heaven.

Trinket Dish

Even though we love our jewellery, there are some pieces that make for an uncomfortable sleep. A Trinket Dish will keep your jewellery safe while you sleep and additional add a little bit of bling and sparkle to your ensemble. 


Other Ideas

If you’re unsure of what pieces to display, or simply want to change it up a little, here is a list of decor accents to consider.

  • Plants
  • Crystals
  • Vase of folders
  • Corals
  • Room Spray
  • Hand Cream
  • Diffuser
  • Essential Oils

Great bedside styling is all about balance. Take into consideration heights, colours, textures and shapes. Remember that less is more, and sometimes the most beautiful bedsides simply have a few items. We would love to see your bedside style, so make sure you tag us @_bianko


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