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In the Press | Fashion Council WA 30.06.17

MEET THE DESIGNER OF BIANKO BIANKO, designed by Belinda Madonini, recently arrived at HATCH in enex Perth. We interviewed WA designer Belinda, exploring her vision and craftsmanship behind her simple yet elegant pieces. Read full interview here:

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In the Press | Enex 23.06.17

WHAT YOUR CHOICE IN ACCESSORIES SAYS ABOUT YOU. EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT – AND SO IS THEIR CHOICE IN ACCESSORIES. Written by Johanna Borger for Enex. Audrey Hepburn had her pearls, Brigitte Bardot had her schoolgirl hair-bows, Marilyn Monroe had her diamonds. Three different women, three different choices in accessories and one common thread: all are regularly found on ‘iconic women in fashion’ lists. Everyone has a fashion item they are associated with, so sit down and have a ponder. Aside from conquering the world with your unmatched witty intelligence and charm, what fashion accessory will you claim as your identifier? What will friends point out in a jewellery cabinet and exclaim ‘that’s so you?’ This is far from the age...

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In the Press | The Urban List 14.12.16

10 Of The Best Christmas Gifts Under $50 By Anna Franklyn We all know that Christmas is a time of giving, which is nice in theory because we all love picking the perfect present for our nearest and dearest. In reality though, when you’re broke it kinda sucks. But keep those spirits up, cos we're here to prove that giving Christmas gifts when you’re on a budget isn’t an impossible task, so there’s no need to get Grinchy this year. Here are 10 of the best Christmas gifts for people on a budget. Every single one of them comes in at under 50 bucks—winning! Read article here:

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